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NH Hands & Voices

Welcome to the newest official chapter of Hands & Voices! All Welcome to the official chapter of Hands & Voices for New Hampshire. There are over 40 chapters across the United States and you can learn more about their national initiatives on their website. New Hampshire Hands & Voices is dedicated to supporting families in New Hampshire with children who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf plus without bias regarding communication mode or methodology. New Hampshire Hands & Voices is a parent and community driven, non-profit organization providing the resources, networks, and information necessary to support all communication options and modes of access. We hope to effect systemic change to optimize educational outcomes for these children.

We have a Board of Directors that is composed of parents, adults from the deaf/hard of hearing community and professionals that work with deaf/hard of hearing children. If you are interested in joining the board or becoming more involved with the organization, let us know! We are also a member driven organization and we are in the beginning stages of setting up a membership sign up. In the meantime, share your email with us and we will keep you up to date on events and initiatives! We try to have multiple events throughout the year across the state to provide opportunities for families to network, socialize and provide a positive atmosphere for the children to have fun and realize they aren’t the only ones that wear hearing aids, cochlear implants or use ASL as their first language or Cued Language. All are welcome!

New Hampshire Hands & Voices is committed to supporting families and communities through all communication modalities without bias.


123 Example Street
Anytown, NH USA 03055

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